2024 Guests

Greg Sorvig

Greg is the Artistic Director for Heartland Film and its Academy Award -qualifying Indy Shorts and Heartland Film Festival events in Indianapolis and is also a Senior Associate Programmer with the Tribeca Festival shorts team. Greg was recently honored with the Spirit of Windrider Award at the 2024 Windrider Summit at Sundance. Greg regularly serves as a festival jury member, industry panelist, and grant reader including recent engagements with Stage 32, IDAc and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Randy Kizer

With over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, Randy Kizer is a talented production designer with a passion for storytelling and world-building. Originally from Indiana, Randy has made a name for himself in Hollywood. Over the years, his portfolio has grown to include set design for Making the Cut and Dancing with the Stars, virtual reality experiences for Assassin’s Creed and Dunkirk, live event tournaments for Call of Duty and Forza, along with award-winning short films, star-studded commercials, and ambitious period dramas.

Randy co-founded the set fabrication company Pirate Art Department with his colleague, Chris Roberts, in 2015 and joined the Art Director’s Guild in 2017. He and his wife, Susan, have a 1 year old son and are renovating a 100-year-old craftsman home in South Central Los Angeles.

Olivia McCash

Olivia McCash, a 2017 Taylor grad, is an Ohio-based video producer and photographer who has a passion for authentic and artistic documentary storytelling, She works at the National Office of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, traveling and telling stories of God at work around the world, creating media for a global body of churches and individuals. She deeply values that the people she interacts with feel heard and honored through her storytelling process.