Mission Statement
The Envision Film Festival honors aspiring filmmakers whose visual storytelling explores the range of human experience with hopeful vision, artistry, truthfulness and integrity.

Festival Goals

  • To honor aspiring Taylor filmmakers and high school filmmakers, providing a venue for public exhibition of their work.
  • To highlight the significance of film as a medium that can express beauty, truth and goodness, prompting meaningful dialogue, engaging culture and ultimately giving glory to God.
  • To celebrate the gifts and passions of aspiring high school filmmakers, providing an opportunity for them to enter their work in competition and to grow in community with other filmmakers.
  • To acquaint film & media industry professionals with the work of Taylor & high school filmmakers.
  • To provide networking and educational experiences for college and high school filmmakers by means of interaction with industry professionals.
  • To offer opportunities for audiences to learn more about the filmmaking process in dialogue with filmmakers.