2023 Guests

Eric VanValin

Eric VanValin has a decade of experience working in film and television in Los Angeles including 8 years working for Warner Bros. Studio in the areas of Casting and TV Development. His own written work on faith, film, and television has been published in Relevant Magazine and Fuller Magazine. Eric is the coordinator of Taylor University’s Hollywood Internship Program and is also co-founder of Our Open House, a non-profit resource organization for families in foster care.

Conor Olstad

Conor Olstad graduated from Taylor in 2015. After working at a local media agency that serves outdoor industry clients, Conor went out on his own, starting a production company that now serves clients like Remington Ammunition and Kuiu Apparel. In that same time period, Conor also started and built a social media presence under the brand Midwest Flyways, increasing its following to 23k on YouTube, 24k on Instagram, and 111k on Tik Tok before stepping away last fall. With his desire to bring the beauty of the world to the people of the world so they might see God in a new way, Conor has found a way to make his passion into his paycheck.